All applications to the fund must be supported by evidence of poor health and financial circumstances. Most people therefore find it easier to ask a representative of a recognised local support organisation such as a social worker, health visitor or occupational therapist etc to assist in the preparation of the claim. That person will usually be fully aware of the applicant’s circumstances and therefore be able to better provide the necessary written evidence to support it.

The trustees will also require confirmation that either the applicant is not entitled to state benefits or that the benefits received do not fully meet their needs.

The grant made by the Trust will usually be made payable to the supporting organisation which will arrange purchase of the items for which the applicant has applied. Alternatively payments may be paid direct to the supplier of the service or goods required. Payment will not normally be made payable direct to an applicant.

Application form

Most of the local organisations which work with the Trust will have application forms but if applicants need to obtain their own form before approaching an agency, it can be downloaded here: application form


The Trustees, who are all volunteers, meet every month, usually on the second Monday. The objective is to determine all applications within one calendar month of the date on which a completed application is received.